Pancake Tuesday with the NumNoms

It’s pancake day once again and although I detest the things, my children seem to love them. My girls also love NumNoms so we’re only too happy to participate in our Num Noms pancake champion challenge.
Now yes I know it’s early in the day, but when did that ever stop Blue Peter from showcasing anything? Yes we made a few yesterday and this morning, but firstly here are the contents of the lovely NumNoms pancake parcel we received.

So we have lots of pancake mix and sweet pancake toppings. Some brand new NumNoms and light up NumNoms too. And yes the pan is a real pan. I did have to query that one as I wasn’t too sure, but just look ?

This has to be the most cutest pan I’ve ever seen, it also has a Valentine’s theme to it too.
My girls are keen collectors of NumNoms and have literally hundreds from all the series. We are now on series 4.1 and series 2.1 for the light up flashing NumNoms.
NumNoms are perfect for occasions like Pancake Tuesday because they are all based on food items and mainly the sweet stuff which is what my kids love on their pancakes.
Unfortunately I am hopeless at tossing, so whilst the pancake may look perfect on one side, they don’t turn out perfect once I manage to flip the damn things. So it’s a good job the toppings cover up the disaster.

Hmm it’s sort of still heart shaped I guess and it went down a treat with some sweet stuff on top.

Of course this little pan oh gives little pancakes which are fine for the small people like Izebella, but teenage boys want something bigger that’s not heart shaped.

So a normal round one it was.
And yes we still have lots more mixture to get through tonight and lots more toppings and crazy NumNoms to make flavours from. I will be happily making them, my kids will be eating them.

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