ST MORIZ tanning mousse

When living in a country like the UK, it’s very rare we get a good spell of real tanning weather, add to that, being light skinned means it’s incredibly difficult to achieve a real glowing tan. Sun beds come with so many risks, so for me I reach for the tan in the bottle.
There are so many fake tan products out there, so it can be difficult to find the right one. Some of them are very overpriced whilst some cheaper products can leave me looking like an oompah loompah.
St Moriz tanning mousse is available in most stores selling beauty products. It happens to be one of my favourites for both cost and quality.

This 200ml bottle goes a long way and can usually be purchased for about a fiver or even less.
It’s always best to apply any tanning product with a tanning mitt as opposed to just using hands and fingers. St Moriz mousse comes in a choice of shades. The one I’m currently using is the dark shade. This gives a deeper yet natural looking all over tan.
The product comes out a really deep brown colour with a hint of orange but don’t worry as it does not develop this colour. Being a mousse makes it easy to apply to give a real non streak all over coverage. I use it everywhere, starting with my legs and moving upwards. I find my back difficult but even then the are no streaks.
There is no horrible smell with this product and it contains ingredients that help to moisturise the skin.
The tan will develop within 4-6 hours. I apply mine the night before and by morning I’m tanned.
See this and more products over on the St Moriz website.

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