Ditch the razors, get Nair

If you shave your legs and other body parts and are fed up of razor cuts and buying expensive blades then maybe consider switching to this stuff.

This is Nair, the hair removal cream that needs no razor or waxing. It’s not a new brand, Nair has been around for years and it’s a pain free method to remove unwanted body hairs.
Nair hair removal products are Depilatories in lotion and cream formulas. They work by dissolving unwanted hair, leaving skin smooth days longer than shaving.
Prior to starting any hair removal process, be it Nair lotions, waxing or shaving, it’s always a good idea to use a post hair removal product like this triple action Nair balm.

This product will help to soothe and moisturise the skin and hopefully minimise any redness or soreness which often occurs after hair removal.
Nair’s glide on hair remover, means I don’t need to put any of the product on my hands or anywhere else that it doesn’t need to be.

There is a dial at the bottom of this bottle which I turn to slowly release the product from the three holes at the top, all whilst gliding the bottle where I want the hair removing.
The hair removal process takes around 5/6 minutes, simply apply and leave on. I do mine in the bath or shower. If doing my legs in a bath I simply lift one up and over at a time and then wash it off. It’s much better than shaving, smoother skin, no cuts and the hair does not grow back as fast.
It does have a very strange distinguishing smell which is why I prefer to use it when bathing as I can then wash the scent of it away. It’s not too bad but not the nicest of scents either.
I cannot stress enough that extreme care must be taken with this stuff. It does not have a brain and therefore cannot distinguish between hair removal on legs and hair removal on your head or brows, nor can it tell the difference between an adult, a child or a poor pet. Keep the stuff way out of reach of children (teen girls included) unless you want to find your beloved little ones with no eyebrows and bald patches on their heads. Also keep it well away from your shampoos, conditioners and hair products as getting the bottles mixed up would be a disaster. Keep it away and it’s a great safe product to remove those unsightly hairs.
On sale almost everywhere!

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