Batiste dry shampoo

I can’t get enough of this stuff at the moment. I’m addicted to it!
I love my long hair extensions. My normal hair does not grow well and I pay a fair price to keep my hair extensions maintained. Washing extensions can be a mammoth chore by itself – not using certain products, not getting the conditioner near the bonds, making sure it doesn’t tangle, then drying which takes forever, straightening them, which again takes forever and making sure the heat again doesn’t get too close to those bonds or out the precious hair will fall!
I tend to limit my hair washing to once per week, which probably doesn’t sound too great or hygienic. I do get more baths and showers than that, I just use a shower cap. In between washes my hair can get dry with the usual elements of life adding to it – bad weather, rain, hats, sweat, exercise and even diet. Therefore my hair needs refreshment in between washes and that’s where Batiste dry shampoo comes in.

This product comes in lots of fragrances, all of which smell lovely. It’s basically a shampoo product in a tin which is used on dry hair for a quick refreshment fix. For instance when I get up in the morning my hair is usually a mess and all bunched together as I sleep with it tied up, a spray of this stuff brings it back to life without the need for a wash or style.
I find it great for nights out. I usually wash my hair the night before a night out. Meaning it gets a little messed up on the day. Again a quick spray of this stuff sorts that out.

It leaves my hair that slight bit softer and much more manageable to brush through. It’s great for using on hair extensions and also on my own hair too. Being fragranced it also means my hair smells great as tho it’s just been washed. I keep a can in my gym bag too, as no one likes the smell of sweaty hair do they.
Batiste is available almost everywhere, in supermarkets, and stores and I’ve seen it selling for as little as a pound a can.

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