Beauty gift guide: Oral B genius 9000

I purchased my first Oral B toothbrush several years ago and have never gone back to a manual brush since. Since using Oral B, my overall dental health has improved greatly. Now all four of us all have our own Oral B electric toothbrushes and that’s all we intend to use.
There are many Oral B electric brushes to choose from. These range from the more basic and less expensive to the more powerful costing a few hundred. Each one does a great job it just depends which one suits.  

 I am now using the new Oral B 9000

This seems to be one of the higher end models and it’s easy to see why when you read all the specifications and what this brush does. 

 In the box, comes the brush in a choice of white or sleek shiny black design, you get the basic white two pin charger which if you don’t have a razor port you’ll need an adaptor. There’s also the black case which has its own special charger. A brush head holder, four brush heads and a mobile phone holder with mirror suction. So a fair few bits for one brush. 

I do prefer the black design on this, as opposed to the usual standard white brushes. I find the white ones attract more stains which make the brushes look dirty. The compact hard tough case also protects the brush from dirt and airborne nasties.

This charging case even comes with a usb charging port too. Meaning phones can be charged at the same time as the brush.
The brush has more than one brushing function. The down arrow button is used to activate each one. A normal clean does not need to be activated  this is standard. The button functions are – pro clean, sensitive, 3D white, Gum Care and Tongue clean. 

This brush is also Bluetooth enabled and connects to a free app. The app is really good. It tells me how good I’m brushing and how much of my mouth I’m covering etc, also if I press too hard. It provides lots of useful tips too.


The instructions suggest attaching the phone holder to a bathroom mirror via the suction cups. 

I haven’t done this with my phone because my mirror is just too close to my toilet and I have visions of it coming loose and bye bye phone! So I just position mine elsewhere and it still works fine. 

 The app even allows me to change the colour of the lights on the brush, from white to any colour of my choosing. Izebella insisted I had to have bright pink so that’s what it is. My brush came fully charged ready to use and charging is quick compared to other brushes tho I do wish Oral B would include charging adaptorsd and we aren’t all lucky enough to have bathroom charge ports.  

 Now the price of this one varies greatly across stores. The RRP is a huge £280 but Boots are currently selling for just £99 and Amazon £89.00. I’m not sure those low prices will last so it’s best to buy before they go.

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