Beauty gifts – Malki Dead Sea Salts

Christmas can be very tiring for us parents and especially us ladies. I always enjoy receiving beauty and pamper type gifts Christmas morning as it means I have something to help me get a nice relaxing bath later in the evening.

These Dead Sea bath salts are just one product in the Maliki bathing range sold in Boots. The large pot contains a therapeutic combination of Dead Sea salt, Rose petals and Frankincense; yes the same stuff that was given to baby Jesus in the nativity story so it certainly boasts a few festive hints.

The aroma is strong and really helps me to relax when I’m not feeling great or after a tiring day. Frankincense being good for soothing muscles and calming breathing.
To use, I just pour a handful of salts into a warm bath and swish around. The aroma is instant. It feels so nice using scented products like this one. It helps me get a good peaceful nights sleep.
Some salts and bits of rose petal will usually remain in the bath once emptied so the bath will require a quick rinse out to remove this.
These salts cost just Β£6.85 from Boots stores and Boots online.

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