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Most little girls long to be like their mummies with make up, nail polish and hair products. When I was a little girl, products like this were strictly just for adults and bigger girls, there were no kids safe nail polish and I don’t recall any hair products just for little girls. Either these products did not exist, or they were too expensive or my parents just did not want to buy them. I’m thinking the first is correct and they just didn’t exist back in the early 1980s.
Well fast forward 30 or so years and they certainly exist now and don’t I know it with having little girls myself. Girls who want the make up and nail polish and great locks even at a very young age. Now I get the whole media debates about allowing young girls to wear make up and nail polish and the arguments against it, but the way I see it, is if they are at home and want their nails doing then what’s the harm? And I’d rather buy and use the child friendly safe stuff then have them sneaking in my room and using my “not so safe” products.
Piggy Paint sells both kid friendly nail polish and have their own hair care product line called Rock the Locks.

The Piggy Paint nail polish comes in so many wonderful bright colours. It’s non toxic with almost no odour. It’s a water based formula but unlike a few other kid polishes we have used, this one doesn’t peel off or wash off straight away with water.

Each bottle of nail polish costs Β£7.99 and they each have really funky cute names such as Brand Spank’n blue and Angel Kiss.
As well as the coloured nail polish there is even a shine top coat, basecoat & sealer and nail polish remover which also cost Β£7.99 each. The nail polish remove smells a little similar to the stuff I usually use but it’s free of acetone and the odour not quite as strong.

Rock the Locks is all about the hair. The products include – Shampoo & Conditioner, detangler, curl boost, textured paste, hair spray and a style gel. These products are all individually priced and again made without any harsh chemicals or nasties.
We have the curl boost costing Β£9.99. This acts as both a detangler and curl enhancer. Both my girls have very curly hair. Jordanna’s also being extremely thick and bushy too. Without products like this, doing their hairs in the mornings gets very stressful and sometimes with a few tears whilst trying to detangle as gently as possible. These products really help to make hair brushing much easier and enjoyable for us all.
Curl boost helps the curls to relax, so the hair looks less scraggly if that makes sense.

Piggy Paint products make perfect stocking fillers for mini princesses who love to be pampered.

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