toys remains huge gaming phenomenon and YouTuber hit, 60% wotg British children 0-14 year olds. The game can be download and 124 million games are played a month in the UK.
 New to the UK, the toys are an instant hit! A collection of bendy, squashy and furry snake like toys. 

I’m thinking these may be the new playground collectibles. They come in lots of colours and patterns and like many collectible figures, even blind bags too.

Bend them, wiggle them, hug them, squeeze them. They don’t really do all that much to be honest but my 5 year old seems to love them. I think her favourite is the squishy slither. 

This one reminds me a bit of a stress ball, very squashy and squishy and then it returns to its normal shape.
The game app is free and the toys and very inexpensive ranging from £3.99 to £10.99 from most good toy stores. These make cheap stocking fillers and gifts and seem to be very appealing to youngsters. 

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