Christmas decoration at Melody Maison

I cannot wait to put my huge Christmas tree up once again in just a few weeks time. I have a very large tree that measures almost 8ft. I tend to decorate when my children are not here, otherwise it gets too stressful. I have bags full of decorations in my loft, but this doesn’t stop me wanting more new bits every year. 

This year I’ve been sent some rather lovely items from Melody Maison who sell all sorts of wonderful items for the home. They have a Christmas product section on their website just full of beautiful products.

Christmas magic signs and gold instruments to hang from my large tree. I’m not one for following designated colour patterns on the tree, instead I like to add lots of unusual hanging decorations. These get a lot of people saying how lovely and old fashioned it looks. 

 This bright red wooden sleigh would look perfect on one of my cupboard tops with a cheeky elf inside.
The candy canes are made from foam and always look good hung on a tree!


And pretty silver sparkly bird cages with a place for a tea light!

The tea lights don’t come included, but if like me you are wary of using real tea light candles, then buy a battery operated one. Most stores sell these very cheaply. 
 And now I’m even more excited about putting the Christmas decorations up.

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