Canagan for cats

It’s not often these two fluff bundles get a mention here, but…… today they do!

This picture is a few months old, with the youngest Pandora being much bigger now. They are mother and daughter, the mother is Daisy who is now over 2 years.

Anyway the reason they are being mentioned today is because of Canagan. They sell both dog and cat food and have sent us over some cat tins and pouches.

Canagan cat food seems different from the usual mush I tend to buy for them. It’s grain free for a start, and actually looks more like something we would eat than cats.

This fresh chicken tin is made with shredded chicken breast that’s cooked in its own gravy with the skin removed. Other tins and pouches are similar being made fresh meats or fish.

Well I can’t comment on how good they taste because I’m not the one tasting them and I have no intention of trying pet food either, no matter how good it looks. My two cats literally wolfed it down in seconds so I think they were very satisfied with the new food. I guess it makes a nice change for them than the usual shop bought tins.

 The tins and pouches are fairly small being just 75g and 85g each, so one doesn’t stretch far at all and especially not when there are two of them to feed. The wet food is best mixed with dry food to make it go a bit further. Canagan also sell dry cat food in larger bags too. 

Pet food for dogs and cats can be purchased from Canagan website but only in bulk orders (e.g 12 tins). The website will give a list of local stockists if you put in your postcode.

Canagan seems to be a high end more luxury type of pet food. It seems to be slightly more expensive than some other brands, therefore reserved for well behaved kitty’s!

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