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Vremi is a kitchen supply store based in New York. They sell their products via Amazon uk. Vremi’s selection of kitchen supplies includes those little gadgets which help with every day things as well as looking quite funky or even a bit stylish. Products such as bakeware, knives, mats, bowls and glassware can all be found by searching Vremi on Amazon.
 I have two Vremi gadgets. One for wine and one for coffee! 
This strange looking set is the Vremi wine preserved which costs just £9.99. 
My first thoughts were to wonder why anyone would need one of these, but as luck happens it’s actually come in quite useful. 
See I’m not a huge drinker, but when I go for a night out; I do like the odd glass of wine or prosecco before I leave the house. Now these drinks come in big bottles and once the popper is popped, it rarely goes back in, meaning flat wine next time. 
This handy set of stoppers and a pump preserves the freshness for up to 10 days meaning the drink stays fresh and fizzy longer. 

 It’s an easy gadget to use. An Airtight Stopper goes into the  neck of a wine bottle until firmly in placeThe Preserver Pump fits over the Stopper, pump the pump up and down by hand  to vacuum seal until resistance is felt and then attach the silver ring for the data marker. 

Then pop the wine back in fridge to enjoy the week after. 

Not bad for £9.99 and certainly cheaper than a new bottle of Prosecco. The parts being small can easily be stored in a kitchen drawer too. 

 And for coffee is the Vremi stovetop espresso maker.

This could be classsed as a more decorative kitchen accessory as many people have the electric coffee machines.  However it does give a more richer flavour to the coffee than my machine would. Six small cups of espresso can be poured at anyone time and it only takes five minutes too. I think this would be a lovely Christmas gift for coffee lovers. It does not cost the Earth either like a few other coffee machines do. It’s just £14.99.


 If you would like to win both of the above Vremi gadgets then please enter my giveaway (hosted by Gleam). Entries will close November 13th 2017.

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  1. Sarah Bakewell
    November 11, 2017 / 00:28

    Thank you for the opportunity

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