Botox! Is it worth it?Β 

Last year I had my first round of Botox injections. The reason being, I was becoming extremely paranoid of the lines on my forehead. Yes I’m 40, and although I’m constantly told that I don’t look it and I don’t need any type of treatment; I could clearly see them every time I looked in a mirror or took a selfie. 

 After a bit of googling I found a salon close to my home, offered the Botox treatment. Now I know, Botox should not be done at a beauty salon etc, but this is not by s beautician or an untrained staff member. A qualified and well renowned doctor visits every 2 months or so on a certain day.  
 My first round last year lasted about 9 months. I have recently had it all redone, just a few days ago and am already noticing the effects. Yes it seems to work really quick on me.
Now if you’re reading this and considering Botox and wondering about the procedure, or worrying if it will hurt or any side effects then you have definitely landed on a good starting page.
I am not going to pretend to know exactly how Botox works because I don’t exactly know, I’m no doctor or scientist but this information is easily found on the internet. 
The procedure involved several injections into my forehead! Sounds scary right? Well it isn’t quite as bad as it sounds. For starters the needles are really fine, similar to what a  dentist will use to numb gums. The doctor felt  around the area, asked me to frown and pull faces etc so he could  be sure where to inject. If this does not happen for you, then start worrying.
Then after cleaning and examining my forehead, in went the injections. It is not pain free, but no worse than a tattoo or piercing. It’s just like little pinches and sometimes I could feel the liquid going in which isn’t a nice feeling. 
The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes.
I did suffer mild side effects, a headache straight after, slight dizziness, but by the next day I was fine. The doctor gave me a bit of advice too – no heat near Botox sites, no activity etc. It’s all just to avoid any complications. 
It can take up to two weeks to notice any change, but it certainly does work, the lines/wrinkles disappear. Unfortunately it does not last forever. This differs for everyone. Some people need more after 3 months, mine lasted 9 months, meaning I don’t need it that often. 
 Botox can be addictive, I already feel like I want more areas done. I notice more lines in other areas too.
It doesn’t have to be expensive if you shop around. Obviously make sure the person giving the treatment is qualified to do so.  
 One thing that annoys me is the reaction from other people and mainly the questions – “how can you afford that?” Or “have you won the lottery” etc. Well as I said it is not overly expensive. I don’t smoke or drink much, therefore once I’ve paid min bills, got my shopping and treated my kids, I simply save up and then treat myself a little.

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