L.O.L Surprise series 2Β 

Remember my posts several weeks ago with miniature dolls and accessories all hidden in a plastic ball? They are known as L.O.L Surprise dolls. They were the first series and we are now on series 2 of these things. 

Series 2 is the same as series 1 but with more characters introduced. Izebella still had to unwrap the large ball to find all the hidden accessories and finally the doll right in the middle. 

This doll is named DJ. Each doll has its own name and style and each one does its own little thing with water, such as pee, change colour etc.
Of course Izebella loves them. I do find the accessories really small. If I had a younger child I’d certainly be wary. Also there is a lot of plastic rubbish when unwrapping the ball, but girls seem to love them and they do make easy Xmas presents and stocking fillers. 

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