Degustabox August reveal

August Degustabox has arrived, and this box came with a Back to School theme. A few lunchbox and snack treats came included and in my opinion; this is possibly one of the best boxes this year..

So starting with some lovely treats or snacks. I got a 6 multipack of Seabrook crisps. Seabrook happen to be one of my favourite crisp brands. The crisps are also big pieces with minimal crumbs and with a crinkle cut design. This multipack of six would usually cost £1.00.

Also two packs of Popped chips, usually costing 99p each. The sweet and smokey Chipolte are very spicy. The Pesto and sundries tomato really do taste like sun dried tomato and not just artificial flavours.
 And even more yummy treats here! Bahlsen biscuits, are loved by us all here. We haven’t had these Black & White pick ups before but; not surprisingly they didn’t last long here. £1,69 for a 5 pack.
Refreshers Softies seem to be a softer version of the well known refresher tubes. Soft and chewy and still with the fizz. Just a pound a bag too.
Cadbury’s new product resembles broken bits of curly wurley which taste just like Curley Wurley but are meant to look like worms. Curleywurly Squirlies will cost a rather overpriced £1.89 per bag in shops.
Also from Cadbury, a Dairy milk big taste toffee whole nut bar; I have to wonder why the extra long name for a bar of chocolate costing just 65p? It was delicious tho. Shame I only had one.
Next the drinks! There are always a drink or two or maybe more of some sort of drink in every 
I included the JellySqueeze here too because they look like drinks and get drunk like drinks but it’s Jelly and they cost 69p each.
Orangina was the biggest box surprise this month. I remember loving the original Orangina when it first came out years ago. It still tastes great and the price has not increased all that much at £1.20 per bottle.
Twisted Halo sounds more like a video game than an alcoholic beverage. This one is made with vodka and natural flavours. I’m not too sure how this could be a back to school themed product. Although maybe it’s meant for us parents as a stress buster?

 Moving on to the cupboard items or products with the slightly longer shelf lives.

   First from Hellmann’s who don’t need much introduction as the majorly of people know they make mayonnaise. I love the stuff on salad and sandwiches and even hot dishes such as chilli. I don’t mind paying the £1.69 for this.
Tabasco green pepper sauce – I have not used this yet so not really able to comment much on it. It says it’s mild and made with mild Jalapeños with salt and vinegar. It’s basically a light Mexican dressing costing £1.89 per bottle. 

 Finally two packs of noodles from Maggi. I’m not normally a fan of packet noodles but these are actually quite good and flavoursome. 

 I have used the sticky Hoisin duck packet and added some actual duck meat. I made mine in a wok. Inside the packets and other small packets containing oil, flavour and some dried vegetables and I had to combine them together to make this.  They tasted really good, and I’ll be having the other pack soon too. These cost £1.39 per pack.
Degustabox costs just £12.99 per month as a monthly subscription box. This price includes 10-15 full size product food items, packaging and delivery. Sign up at Degustabox UK. They constantly have offers and discounts on boxes too.


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