Meet the Shnooks, cute balls of magical fluff from the land of Zuru a magical place full of fun and adventure. Shnooks are bright and colourful and are hatched at the spot where the rainbows meet the waterfalls. 

They arrive in their very own bubble, a little like a baby.

The bubble needs bursting open. The Shnook inside is flat out tired from the journey to your home and needs a little help to wake up.  

A simple shake and a lot of love usually does the trick. Shnook will then grow and grow ready for lots of love and new home with you.

 Shnooks come with fluffy fuzzy hair and come with their own little comb and hair clips ready for their new owner to style. 

These are so cute and cuddly, perfect for any little princess. 
They can be found ready and waiting in many magical stores like The Entertainer for approximately Β£8.00 each. 

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