Back to School: Smiggle 

With just two weeks to go until schools open their doors once again for the new school year, I like many parents across the UK am worrying if I have everything my kids need to start their new class. 
Smiggle are providers of some very cool and colourful stationery and school items. They have stores everywhere and if you haven’t visited one, then I would highly recommend it, even if just looking. Their products are fun and certainly unusual and bright. We have had lots of lovely Smiggle products in the past and we have even more to kick off the new school term.

Yes I told you, it’s colourful! 
These days many schools insist on children bringing own water bottles, not just for those on packed lunch but for those essential sips of water on warmer days. This was not something that was really allowed in my school days, my memories are more of those horrid luke warm putrid glass bottles of milk, enough to put someone off milk for life. 
Anyway Smiggle has these, quite peculiar looking and squishy bottles. 

Now these are certainly unique. Firstly they are made from silicone and secondly they roll up, like the one in the middle. They are designed to be space saving meaning when they don’t contain fluids they squash down and roll up and can even be attached to bags or key rings with the large clip. My kids love them and so do I. They weigh much less than the plastic bottles meaning less for me to carry if we go on day trips  (yes I get lumbered with everything on days out!). The bottles do cost £13.50 each which may seem a lot to pay just for a cup. I do think they will last a good few months, at least one school term if not longer so when you look at it that way, it’s not that much at all. 
We also have a few pencil cases. A much needed accessory for all those stationery items. 
This one is adorable!

We are big unicorn fans in this house and this has to be one of the cutest pencil cases I’ve seen. The zipper is even a colourful tail. It has two zipped sections with lots of room for all those pens and bits. This pencil case also comes with other cute character options and costs £12.50.
And for something a little different! 

These are the colourful adventures triple pencil case. They are designed a bit like a book or an organiser and have 3 sections to open up. But; they are more than just a standard pencil case because inside each one is all of this.

These are filled with coloured pencils, felt pens, pens, a ruler, sharpener and eraser, all with the Smiggle logo too. There are five colour options to suit everyone and they cost just £16.50 each, which saves money if buying the items individually.
Smiggle stationery is a great choice for the new school year. They offer free delivery on orders over £30. Visit Smiggle to buy online. 

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