Back to School: ScentCo

Just a few more weeks until the new school year starts. Are you ready? Do you have everything your child needs? Uniform, shoes, coats, bags and their stationery bits? 

If you or your child love quirky funky stationery that’s a little bit different from the norm, then you may just love the ScentCo range as much as we do!

ScentCo are eco-friendly scented stationery products. They are made from biogradable materials and recycled newspaper. They all have cute animated designs and longlasting scents. 
There are various collectons includeD in the ScentCo brand which include Smencils, Smens, Scented notepads,  Smarkers and  Smencil Buddy pencil cases. The scents are meant to last for 2 years which is a long time of wonderful sweet scents.
Our “smencils” including coloured and graphite drawing/writing pencil packs. All made with 100% recycled paper. All really cutesy with characters. The pencils even come in plastic holding tubes which helps prevent them breaking and probably keeps the scents smelling better for longer. The pencil tops give an indication of what each pencil will smell like. 

These are the “Smens” which are glitter gel pens. Again in the special tubes. 

I absolutely love the scents on all of these products. The water melon is lush and we even have a pencil case in the water melon scent too.

Even the funky paper clips come with scents. It’s like scents ‘r’ us in this house right now. I could smell the ScentCo products before I even opened the package. They are just so lovely. Jordanna thinks so too because she can’t stop smelling them either. 

These are “Scratch & Sniff scented gel crayons” they glide really easy like a crayon but the finished result is more like a gel marker. Being chunky means they are easy to hold for little hands, and just look at those scents, bubble gum, pineapple, cotton candy, tangerine and watermelon. They smell good enough to eat. 

And with all these pens and pencils, my girls need something to write in.

And yes even this notebook has a scent, on every page too. The scent here is lollipop and I’m thinking it’s a blackcurrant or blackberry lollipop because we all think it smells like one of them. When you write on draw in the scented book, with any of the scented pens/pencils etc, you get double the scents and even more loveliness. These ScentCo products make me hungry and make me crave sweet foods. 
These would be lovely for back to school stationery. I think girls would probably prefer them to boys, mainly because they are bright, scented and have characters on, but the younger boys may enjoy them too. 
ScentCo products can be purchased from Amazon, Ryman, Smyths toys, and various other toy and stationery stores.

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