Back to School: Sambro

This September will be Izebellas first year in “Big School”. She has been in nursery for 2 years and had no problems but going in to reception year means longer days, more children and the start of real school work. 
Although Izebella does not need her own stationery for school; as school supply this; I thought it would be a good idea to give her some of the stationery that Sambro UK sent over prior to starting school. Just so she didn’t feel left out with big brother and sister getting theirs. Plus we were sent a very lovely bundle that’s just perfect for her age.

Sambro stationery is all about the characters that younger children (& even grown ups) love. As you can see, we have a lovely mix up of well known characters from television and movies. Frozen, My little pony, Paw patrol, Despicable me, Miffy etc. Izebella is familiar with all of these.
Izebella was really happy with her gorgeous new My Little Pony bag, Im not surprised because I would of been ecstatic if I had got one when I was four.

It’s big enough to fit all her new stationery products inside too, as well as any homework or letters she gets from school. (I’m still baffled as to why they get homework in primary schools now?)
These character writing sets are adorable, Disney frozen gel pens with a shimmer & shine note book. A large Frozen stationery set with everything a little princess needs for writing and a Minion life lockable diary. Izebella has some strange fascination with diaries at the moment. 
And take a look at these amazingly cute erasers from the Disney Princess 12 pack.
12 erasers will last forever. I think Izebella may just get upset when these start to wear down.
And a pretty princess pencil case too. This opens up both sides to reveal two compartments. Plus it has an attached pencil sharpener so no need to worry about losing it. The Cinderella art work on this is just beautiful isn’t it?
And for the cold miserable rainy Summer days, a little painting set with Miffy. 
It’s a very simple set with 6 Miffy colouring sheets and a paint tray with brush. This would also make a good stocking filler or party prize.
And of course my little girl is thrilled with her brand new stationery and cannot wait to wear the new My little pony bag for her first day at big school. 

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