Back to School: BIC stationery 

Well here we are again, the middle of August with just 3/4 weeks left to buy all the new school uniform and essentials. This can be costly but there are many choices out there to suit most budgets. 
For myself this year, I have one child going into year 9 (high school) plus one in year 6 (last year of primary) and my youngest starting big school in reception year. Therefore quite a lot of uniform and accessories to consider.
This week I will be featuring many “Back to  School” posts with many ideas of those essential or perhaps a little more funky school bits.
Today I start with a very well known brand!

Yes it’s Bic, who are very well known for their extensive selection of pens and writing materials. If I was ever asked to name a pen brand then the first answer to pop into my head would be Bic. 
Bic products can be purchased from almost anywhere that sells pens and stationery. 
We have a few new bits from Bic, which are great for the new school year. 

A good selection of pens here, including their 4 colour fun pens (the green loose pens) These seemed to be all the rage when I was at school, everyone wanted one and the majority had one. Bic sell their fun pens in many colours which contain an assortment of four fun colours. These are good for underlining, notes, doodling etc. 

Bic stylus double up as a 4 colour writing pen with black, blue, red, green colours to choose from. The other end of the pen acts as a tablet/phone pen. It saves the fingers a lot of work. 
Bic sell literally every type of pen, that includes the fountain pens too! Hands up if you begged Mum and dad for one of these at school? ? Yes I did! But I never got one. They were always too expensive or not necessary and looking back I can’t even remember why I wanted one so much. But everyone else seemed to want one too. Well back in my school days, fountain pens were not really made with kids in mind anyway, unlike today where they are specifically designed with younger people in mind as they come in all sorts of colours and patterns, costing a whole lot less than they used to. 
Moving slightly away from writing materials, Bic also thinks about their young artists and their conté tins are perfect for keeping all the colouring items together. 

We have tins of Bic Conté felt pens, all with a 0.9mm tip and a tin of the Conté colouring pencils. Both sets come in small and large selections.

For the younger artists, Bic Kids have these magic felt pens.

There are ten coloured pens and two white pens. The white pens erase the colour meaning patterns can easily be created. 
And if a writing mistake occurs then it is jig a problem, because Bic even has its own correction fluids, like this correction pen. 

This correction pen gives 2 methods of correction application. A large foam wedge (like the old school tipp-ex days) or a more precise fine line. So no need for messy pages with huge crossed out lines or writing over writing. 
And there we have a few great school ideas from a famous well known brand. Prices vary from store to store on these products. 

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