Epaderm Junior for skin conditions 

I’m lucky to have near perfect skin, no dryness, no irritations. Unfortunately my ten year old daughter does suffer from dry skin and frequent irritations and strange spots, possible mild eczema (doctors words, not mine!). We have tried several creams and ointments, some work a bit, some don’t. 
This time we are trying the new Junior range from Epaderm. Epaderm are experts in emollients and emolients are moisturisers which soothe, hydrate and keep skin moist so it doesn’t itch as much. 

The Epaderm Junior range includes Epaderm Cream: a 2-in-1 emollient that can be used as a skin moisturiser and a skin cleanser; and Epaderm Ointment: a 3-in-1 emollient that can be used as a skin moisturiser, a cleanser, or added to a bath. 
The ointment has a similar consistency to Vaseline, tho not quite as thick, it’s oily but doesn’t feel greasy or sticky once applied.

The oily substance really helps to keep the skin from drying out and adds enough moisturiser for a twice a day application. I have used this on my skin too, I don’t have skin problems but I always test any child products on myself first. I can see how a product such as this can work to help with dryness and irritations, it contains no fragrant or anything that could irritate the skin further.
The Junior cream is a little lighter than the ointment and comes out as a white cream. It’s cool when applied and again no fragrances or anything else so this seems good for applying to very irritated or hot skin as the cool feeling is instant. This also doubles up as a soap when bathing. 
Both the cream and the ointment can be applied as many times as required throughout the day. Jordanna seems okay using both products daily by herself, mainly on her arms and legs which is where the skin seems especially dry, sometimes almost like sandpaper. 
The products packaging seems very child friendly too, with cute hippo and frog images. Thus encouraging the younger children to use the products too. 
As for the question on whether the Epaderm products work or not? Well this is difficult to answer. The products are not a miracle cure and nor do they claim to be. Jordanna may always suffer from dry skin problems which seem to worsen in Winter. These products simply help to provide relief and moisture for her skin, and yes that’s exactly what they do for her. Her skin does feel better after a few days of using them.
Buy from Boots, prices on their website. Epaderm also offer similar products for adult and teenage skin. 

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