Command strips: Mess free hanging

Are you one of those people who love having family photographs hung up on wall around your home? Or perhaps a bit of art work or even a few hooks here and there! Well I do too, but I hate putting them up. They never seem to hang easy, the holes either too big or small or not in the right place, or the hanging hooks won't go in or something else. Plus holes make the walls look awful after a while too.

Luckily all that hanging fuss is now a thing of the past for me , since I discovered the range of 3M Command strips.

These save the need for screws, hooks, drills and nails. They can be purchased in supermarkets, diy stores and Amazon. They come in many different forms for multiple uses both inside and outside the home. They include hooks, clips, picture hanging strips and more.

Hanging pictures, no matter the size is now super easy. The hanging strips even come in various sizes with weight guidance on the packets. The size and weight of the picture to be hung determines how many strips are needed. The lighter pictures need just one.

The strips come in pairs, both parts of the strip need joining together, they have like a plastic clip together part and peel off sticky sides. One side goes on the back of the picture like this.

Then the other side is peeled and the picture attached to the wall, press for 30 seconds and then you need to carefully remove the picture so that the strip can bond to the wall, then reconnect the picture. This sounds slightly complicated but it really isn't.

And Ta-Da! The picture is on the wall and there is probably much less chance of it falling off than if it was hung the more traditional way with hooks.

The strips can even be removed from the wall easily when no longer required by way of a special pull tab. I have not tried to remove so I can't comment on how easy this is. But at least it doesn't leave an unsightly hole or cause any damage to the wall plaster.

Command strips can be used on many surfaces including painted walls and even outside surfaces on some packs. They aren't really suitable for walls with wallpaper and I wouldn't risk trying it on mine as I paid a fair bit for the wallpaper I have.

These decorating clips are being saved for Halloween or Christmas.

They look perfect for hanging decorations or holding small lights, something I really struggle with yearly! I hate sore thumbs from those awful drawing pins and the very thought of standing on one! Ouch!!!

The hooks look good for coats or kitchen bits too and there are many more command strip products viewable on Command UK website.

Products vary in price.

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