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Memorable toys are a family-run online toy boutique based in Ireland. They sell quality wooden toys along with educational and traditional toys.Toys that children can create lasting memories with.
All of my children were each sent a lovely toy over suitable for their ages.

Izebella was absolutely thrilled with her new toy – A wooden lunch set! She loves this type of thing, ie pretend play, cooking, tea parties etc. This is one of Memorable toys wooden toy sets too. It contains 36 pieces and all but two are made with wood.

This set includes play food, a big plate, cutlery, napkin and a menu. The menu gives images and Izebella can find the correct pieces to go on the plates or she can just invent her own dishes. She has her own play cooker, fridge and sink sets but was lacking in play food so this set has really come in useful for her little kitchen arrangement.
Ryan, being the scientist in the house, has his very own Putty peeps lab kit. It comes with putty, colour dyes, glitters and containers.

This is for kids ages 8 and over. It’s a weird type of puttt that doesn’t dry out and can be stretched, shaped and pulled. When it’s left for a while it goes all slimy but not wet if that makes sense and then when it’s played with again it’s back to normal. Its strange stuff. 

The idea is to put it in the containers and add various colours and shiny effects to it. It’s not something I’d have a go at myself but Ryan of course loves it. 
Finally Jordanna has the Rory’s story cubes fantasy edition.

This is one of the newer editions to the Rory cube franchise. I have myself never played  the cubes before and was surprised at just how interesting the games can be.

There are nine cubes with 6 different images. In this set, the images are based on fantasy characters, homes and accessories so there are princesses and castles and also frogs and the odd ogre. 
There is no set rule on how to play this game and no limit on players. It’s for most ages too, even the younger ones can join in.
Each player throws all nine dice and then creates a story beginning with “once upon a time” using all nine images. It’s not as easy as it sounds but it’s fun and encourages kids to use their imagination, especially so with it being a fantasy edition. It can also get very silly at times. Just as there are no set rules, there are also no real winners or losers, unless you create a game where someone can win. 
The cubes all come in a cute little magnetic locking case too making it a great game for traveling or bedtime stories.
You can buy these toys and many more at Memorable toys. Prices are in Euros.

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Shipping is free over €50. 

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