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With the new school year starting next month, then Halloween celebrations plus Christmas and all other bits to sort, it’s a good idea to have something like a planner to keep all the information in one place. Of course I have my laptop and my phone but these need power and wifi and the information can easily get lost, or worse still – the device broken or hacked. 
Planners come in all shapes and sizes with varying costs. The planners over at Personal-Planner are the ones which stood out the most for mr. 

These planners are a totally different thing altogether, compared to the usual diary type thing found in shops. The planners get made by you, personalised to yourself. They are totally unique meaning no one in the world will have the same as yours. 

Yes that’s my photograph used for the front page of my planner. There’s another at the back too.

These planners take about 20/30 minutes to create, and the interface is mobile friendky too. The reason it takes a while is because everything in the planner is personalised to suit. The page layout, the page headers, dates, colours, back pages etc. It’s just a really lovely thing to have.
These planners come in varying sizes too and this time I went for a large A4 size style. I have so much stuff to fill so needed a large space. 
This is the page layout I chose for the dates. I also chose the colours and the heart design at the top. 

There are lots of other layouts. This one helps me write daily lists. The bottom of the pages have other sections, again many choices here. I have dinners and To Do but there are many other things to choose from. 
Unlike other planners or diarys which run from January til December or even mid years; these personal planners allow me to choose my own start date. Mine began end of last month and will end next July 2018. Also I was able to add my own special dates whilst creating. Dates such as birthdays which even display as ages on the date. Public bank holidays are alraady included.
The back of the planner is also really cool. Multiple pages, again of choice. You can have sudoku, colouring sheets, blank pages, maps, yearly calendars and much more.

The planners start from Β£18.99 with the A4 planner costing Β£39.99. They are really lovely . Gift cards are also available for the perfect gift. 

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