Rowntrees less sugar

Who remembers fruit pastilles from their childhood? They seemed to be a weekly treat for us and they would always be around at Christmas time. I don't remember having packets like they do these days, but more wrapped tubes and I'd usually find a tube of them in my selection box or my xmas stocking.

Of course times have changed and so have Rowntrees fruit pastilles. I think they can still be bought in the tubes, as in the picture above; but they also come in handy share bags now too. It's very hard to share them when in the tubes.

There have been a few other changes too. Firstly they now also come in fruity shapes rather than just the original disc shapes and secondly they come with 30% less sugar than previously. Less sugar however does not mean less flavour as they still taste just as good to me. I would say much more fruitier with distinct flavours rather than just sweet.

This was my first time tasting the Rowntrees ransoms too. These are more squishy and squashy than the pastilles and again now have less sugar.

Rowntrees sweets can be purchased almost anywhere that sells sweets and confectionery.

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