Degustabox July

I had a sneaky suspicion that my July Degustabox may just arrive with some sort of Summer theme; and I was not wrong either. 
The theme is Summer and it’s Summer outside. So let’s take a look what’s inside the box this month.

I was very happy with the Blossom hill spritz of course and am looking forward to popping it open over some ice on a hot day. 
My daughter Jordanna loves the Mango and passion fruit juice and of course it is much healthier and better than fizzy pop.

I would of liked to have seen more sweets, chocs or crisps in the box, but I was happy with a bag of new rowntrees ransoms. 
The fry light bottle is actually avocado oil as opposed to the usual olive oil. Again being more healthier and I can use exactly the same as I would any other cooking oil.

My girls will eat the Weetabix. I’m just not a breakfast person at all. We like ryvita thins and have tried a few of the other varieties previously. The Djohn mustard may come in handy to make a recipe, perhaps some sort of sauce or flavouring for a meat dish. 
I’m not too sure about the packet of Quinoa. I know it’s a more healthier version to rice but I just prefer the rice too much so maybe I’ll pass it on to someone who will enjoy it more. 
None of us are really keen on olives either so the Oloves will be passed on to an olive lover somewhere.
It’s a nice box. The blossom hill was a lovely surprise. 
As always Degustabox costs just Β£12.99 monthly which includes U.K. delivery. If you use this special code – OMES2 at checkout then this will give you a massive Β£7.00 off a box meaning you only pay Β£5.99. The blossom hill costs Β£4.99 alone to buy so it’s a bargain price to pay.
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