Lego Juniors: Mia's farm suitcase

Lego is one of those rare toys that has been around for decades and is still as popular as ever with both young and old. It has never gone out of toy industry fashion and new lego kits and accessories are still constantly being produced. I believe the very first lego bricks came about in the 1950s and almost 70 years later and they are still being enjoyed by my children today.
Lego sets are now available for kids of varying ages, starting with the very young at just 18 months (big bricks). Izebella is now under the Lego Junior age bracket which is 4-7 years. Her new Lego set comes in a very useful carry case. I say useful because many Lego sets come in a box, the boxes eventually break or tear and then the Lego ends up all over.

This red case has lots of space for Lego bricks and even comes with plastic dividers.
Mia’s Farm is quite an easy build which doesn’t take too long to put together. With Izebella being at the younger end of the junior age guide, it means I do have to help her a little because she hasn’t quite worked out the instruction diagrams just yet. There are approximately 100 pieces in this set which includes all the bricks, accessories, Mia mini doll figure and animals.

There is a truck, sheep barn and the main farm area to build. Lego instructions come as a page by page diagram guide, no text, each page in full colour shows us how much of each coloured brick we need and where they go. It’s fairly easy to understand on a small set like this.

Izebella did most of this farm truck by herself along with putting the figure together. I helped her a little with the main bit, mainly showing her where to put each piece. She was able to work out from the instruction guide which piece she needed by herself. 
And look what we made!

And then we took it all apart and did it all over again.
This set, with the carry case costs between Β£10-Β£15 and makes a good easy beginners set for a young child who is past the “big chunky” brick stage. The set contains very small parts just like the bigger sets so I would not recommend allowing children younger than 4 years to play without supervision. 

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