Warmies review & Giveaway 

On a cold night it’s always good to have something soft and warm to cuddle up to and especially so for the younger ones among us. 
Meet our new plush unicorn warmie from intelex.

Pink, furry, cute, cuddly and can even be warm. Inside unicorns tummy is a secret magic pouch. The magic inside only activates in the microwave and unicorns tummy gets warm in under 90 seconds. Not only does the tummy get warm but unicorn also has a very special smell of magic lavender which also activates in the microwave. Lavender is a very special magic ingredient used by fairies and imps everywhere. It’s magic because it helps both children and even us adults to sleep better and faster.
Unicorn and all his Warmie pals make such good nighttime cuddle buddies. The magic warming and dreamy scents  seems to last until the holder falls into a deep sleep. 

When unicorn warmie arrived. Izebella was thrilled with her new cuddly friend. Her dream job when she grows up is to be a fairy and of course fairies live with unicorns don’t they so she’s onto a good start already. Bizzimummy was slightly wary about putting cuddly unicorn into a hot microwave but she read the instructions and all was fine. Unicorn came out warm and smelling delicious of dreamy lavender. Just right for one small little princess to hug to sleep. 
Unicorn even has tiny wings too so he can fly away and recharge whilst princess Izebella sleeps soundly, and then return in the morning for more cuddles. 

Unicorn warmie has so many warmie friends who also need homes and cuddles with little princesses and princes and even the bigger people too. Dragons, dogs, penguins, cats, bears, monkeys and many more types can come to your home and stay for just a little price starting at just £11.95.
Warmie friends don’t need batteries and only one small magic charge before bed between 60-90 seconds or even less. Our unicorn goes in for 45 seconds and comes out warm enough. This microwave magic can only be completed by the big people (grown ups, adults, big humans) and not by the little ones and it’s important that the big people read the magic labels correctly too so that the warmies stay cuddly, safe and smelling great. 
Magic microwaves need to be clean to stop those nasty smells and stains as warmies don’t want to stink of human food nor do they want food stains on their fur. They don’t like being too hot either so no more time than what’s recommended on the label. When warmies magic is activated for the first time the fur feels ever so slightly moist but not too worry because this is their magic power just bursting to escape and it doesn’t happen after a few uses. 

                       WARMIE GIVEAWAY                
One warmie is looking for a new home by one of my lovely followers. The winner can choose any Warmie they wish (subject to availability) and your new friend will be delivered to your home for plenty of cuddly fun. Only one of you reading this can win one so click the link below to enter. 
Make sure you enter before the magic closes on June 19th 2017. You also need an email address plus Facebook and twitter account to take part. And make sure your a UK resident too! 


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