Summer is here and the weather is hot hot hot!! Time for a BBQ with the help of Zeek.
Zeek is a downloadable app which allows users to sell unwanted gift vouchers and gift cards. So just say Aunty whoever who has not seen you in years decides to send you a voucher for a store you just don’t shop in for Xmas. Instead of giving it away or leaving it in a drawer to grow cobwebs then put it on Zeek for slightly less than what it’s worth to get something you really want.
Zeek doesn’t just work for people selling vouchers either. It’s also great for finding a gift card for less and again saving money. Zeek allows purchasers to buy gift cards at discounted rates using the app or the website. With an average of a 10% discount per gift card or voucher, Zeek not only saves you money but means you can avoid hitting the crowded stores and spend more time enjoying the summer sun.
I have been using this Zeek all week to buy a barbecue and food to go with it for this hot weather. The purchase can be in gift vouchers, gift cards or online gift codes depending  what’s available.

Using my gift vouchers which I was able to purchase at £93 for £100 I was able to buy a small barbecue from Argos along with food, drinks and BBQ charcoal. 

Seven pounds is not a huge saving but it’s still saving money. If I used Zeek as say  weekly or monthly thing I could save quite a bit over the year. Zeek covers most high street stores plus all the big supermarkets too so it’s possible to save a lot on grocery shopping over the year.
I bought sausages, burgers, chicken, ribs, bread, salad and drinks from Iceland with my £100 of vouchers. 

The barbecue was easy to put up, light and   cook on and for once the British weather did not let us down as the sun was shining bright and it was a really hot day, perfect BBQ weather.
I’m pleased to say I even have a fair few pounds of vouchers left so I may just treat myself to something nice during the May half term. 
Zeek app is easy to use and the search function  enabled me to easily find what I needed. Vouchers and cards are constantly added to zeek so it’s always a good idea to keep checking if vouchers for your preferred place are sold out. 

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