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It’s the May bank holiday and bbq season. We have been enjoying bbq food over the weekend including burgers, sausage, chicken and a few other meaty treats. 
I’m one of those people who won’t eat sausage and burgers plain. I don’t like cheese either so this means sauce or relish or some sort of other topping. This is where I introduce you all to The grill masters club experience

These bottles don’t look one bit familiar do they? That’s because they come from the United States who are world famous for their barbecues and barbecue type joints, we need more places like they have here don’t we? 
Anyway this is a monthly subscription box and each box contains 4-5 products like those above to be used at barbecues or just general cooking, yes they are pretty good with anything these sauces. And of course us Brits don’t do barbies come winter do we? Unlike those lucky lot over in Florida which is where these boxes ship from. 
The boxes contain a selection of rubs, sauces and marinades along with mystery items. They work with many suppliers and as the boxes are US based we will no doubt get lots of lovely products that we just can’t get over here. 
So what’s in my box?
American Stockyard Memphis red bbq sauce! 

A favourite in Memphis I read. Not too tangy and not too spicy. A combination of apple cider vinegar, pure cane sugar and spices. 
It has a great bbq flavour which goes with just about anything, even dipping fries. 
Also from American Stockyard, is a burger seasoning mix. 

This one is used to give home made burgers a totally unique flavour. Only a quarter of a cup is needed per pound of burger meat so this large 133g pot will do for many burgers here.
Pain is good – Smoky maple & bacon chipotle onion relish

Okay so I may not be the smartest person in the world but I sort of think it was an easy mistake to think that “Chipotle” was the same thing as “Chipolata” as in sausages and just wap the stuff onto my burger. Well I understand the reason as to why the company is called “Pain is good” now, because of course “Chipotle” is a hot pepper and hot it is. It also has a nice flavour as well as just being hot. 
Finally and again from American Stockyard is a All purpose bbq rub. Being all purpose means just that. Season with it, cook with it, sprinkle it on cooked foods or salads etc. Anything goes pretty much with this stuff. 

What a bunch of great sauces and accondiments for a British BBQ courtesy of the lovely guys just across the Atlantic. 
These products really do brighten up out bbq burgers and bangers, much better than anything we can get over this way. 

These boxes start at $27.95 and yes that’s dollars so maybe around £22 here or there abouts. The longer the subscription the more you save and obviously as it ships from the USA, postage will be a little more for us British, but definitely worth a try as they do one off boxes too. 
The grill masters club!

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