Beauty treats for me: Crabtree & Evelyn: La Source

Continuing on with my beauty treats hi I have also been trying out La Source.
La Source is new collection from the Crabtree & Evelyn brand. Here I have two products from that collection – Eau du Toilette and a warming foot soothed.

The Eau du Toilette contains a delicate marine accord and our antioxidant-rich Green Seaweed Extract. There are certainly identifiable citrus aromas combined with a fresh ocean breeze type scent. It’s really lovely. This large 100ml bottle of Eau du Toilette combines a perfume with a luxury body spray and it’s great for spraying on any time of the day. This costs Β£37.00 per bottle. 
La Source warming foot soother is perfect to use in a hot bath or a foot spa machine. It contains green seaweed extract and blue sea kale mixed with refined Tahitian volcanic sand, pumice and salt crystals. 

It has a thick grainy texture which enables exfoliaton of the feet. The cream helps to create a warm almost tingly sensation on the foot area. It needs to be used on slightly wet, clean feet so it works best when bathing as it can then be easily washed off. 
As well as being good for the feet and providing a warm moisturising effect. This stuff is also really good for pre self tanning. I always seem to have problems with self tan products on my feet and end up with them looking patchy. 
This product costs Β£17.00. 

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