5 Second rule junior version

You would not be mistaken to think you may have already seen the 5 second rule game on my blog before. We do have a copy of the original 5 Second rule game, but..University games have bought out a junior version of the game which enables younger children to join in the fun too.

Gameplay is similar to its original version but there are a few slight changes. The game play board is much smaller than before, meaning the games can be shorter. 

The questions are much much easier than before and I could certainly tell that these were designed with young kids in mind. Questions such as name colour, farm animals, things in a living room, fruit etc. The game age guide is six years plus but Izebella is more than able to answer most questions, she just can’t read them yet.

The ball drop timer with the strange sound is the same as before. I personally would of preferred another type of timer as the small balls sometimes get stuck. 
Gameplay is exactly as before. Players take turns to ask questions from the cards to the person next to them and the player has 5 seconds to give either 2 or 3 answers. When Izebella plays we do the 2 answer version. 
There is a finish square and first to land there wins. There are also plus 5 squares which gives the player an extra 5 seconds on next turn. 

This version is really good for children. We all enjoyed the original 5 second rule and still play it every now and again, but it is recommend for 10 years and over. The questions are more tricky and Jordanna finds them hard to answer. Both games are fun and really get your brain ticking sometimes. 
A copy of 5 second rule junior can be picked up for under Β£15 at many good toy stores.

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