5 Second rule board game

We have been sent an early Christmas gift in the form of a fun family board game from University games

The 5 second rule game requires quick thinking and fast talking. Up to 6 people can play and with an age guide of 8 years to adult. I think many 8 year olds and younger ones will find some questions difficult.  

 Inside the box is a fairly small playing board, 6 playing pieces, a timer and hundreds of double sided question cards, one side red and the other yellow. I can’t find any explanation for the card colours or which you have to play and when so I don’t think it really matters.  

 The game is called “5 Second rule” for a reason and that’s because players only have 5 seconds to answer. The questions are all “name 3” and some being more difficult than others. 5 seconds gives no time to think or pause. The 5 seconds is counted by the timer which has rotating metal balls. Once the balls hit the bottom the 5 seconds is up. If the player can’t get 3 the next player tries then the next etc. 

 The timer is a little confusing as it comes with a strange sound when tipped up, but this sound has no relevance to the game at all, it’s just a fun noise. 

There is no dice in this game. Players only move if they give the 3 answers in 5 seconds. If stuck there are “switch” and pass on cards to help but players only have 2 of these each. The board is only small and only 12 spaces to finish. Therefore the game is much better with more players and lasts longer.  

 We have played the game together a few times now and although only usually 3 of us it’s still lots of fun. Jordanna being only 8 can struggle with some answers and obviously Izebella is far too young to join in but happy to help with passing cards and turning the timer for us. We just let her play with the cats since that is healthy for kids her age according to Petstruggles.com. 

The 5 second rule board game is available to buy on Amazon, in Tesco and most good toy stores and as there are hundreds of question cards I can’t see us getting bored of this one anytime soon. 


  1. April 11, 2016 / 17:32

    You can search for “3in5” in App Store or Play Store to get the mobile version of this game. It’s free.

  2. google.com, pub-6419179042586861,DIRECT,f08c47fec0942fq0

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