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Like most people I am trying to start the new year a little bit healthier and hoping to get in shape for the Summer. Unfortunately I am one of those people who enjoy chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks (usually Pepsi or coke) and as many people know it’s these things that contribute to weight gain, health issues and dental problems. Luckily for me, a big box full of more healthier drinks arrived as the new year started and they taste really good so I’m determined to swap the fizzy stuff and cut down.

Get more drinks contain vitamins that are essential for our bodies. These are in most normal diets but for those, like myself , who often skip meals and don’t eat properly it can be hard to get what the body needs. I often feel tired but find it hard to get back into regular mealtime routines. Of course my kids eat healthily. 
The drinks come in lots of refreshing flavour and we have tried the majority of them. They come as both still and sparkling varieties. They don’t need refrigerating which makes them more handy for storage but I do like to put a few in the fridge just so they are really cool.
Many  of the drinks are a blend of two fruits together, such as mango and passion fruit with a few single flavours also available. The bottles come in different colours and each colour gives a different source of goodness to the body. These include vitamins A,B,C,D, multivitamins and minerals. The drink inside being clear liquid.

Because they are a flavoured water type drink and also healthy, my children’s schools allow them to take these drinks in if they wish, although it has to be the still variety. 
Get More also has a range of drinks designed especially for children callled “A little more”
Again these come in a choice of flavours and come with a leakproof cap. Just like the bigger bottles they also contain lots of good vitamins and things for little growing bodies. They are perfect for packed lunches and have no added sugars, natural flavours and low calories so schools will allow them. 
My children like both the little more and get more varieties, as do I. We find them really refreshing and fruity and enough to quench the sugar cravings. 
The drinks come alone or in multipacks and can be bought in most supermarkets and a few other stores which you can find out about on the website.

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  1. January 12, 2017 / 13:55

    These sound great. In the new year I have cut out fizzy drinks and just drinking juice. Ugh! I haven’t heard of these before. I might give them a try. They’re something different x

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