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This is my first subscription box of 2017 and it’s by far one of the best.
This is the Dokidoki boxie subscription.
It is a snack box from Japan. I have tried a few Japan snack boxes but this one ranks at the top, both in quality and quantity.
These boxes start from Β£19.12 a month for the smaller box which contains a huge 14-15 items per month. Then the larger “Deka” box with 19-20 items and an extra item with options of candy or amine. The larger box is about Β£26 a month. 
This is our Deka box. As you can clearly see. Japan snacks come much more brighter and colourful than our own.

And the full contents of our box!

Yes a lot of items per box and they are all full size items too. I hate the small sample packs. 
Me and my children have had a good few nights trying and tasting every item. Nothing got wasted or thrown away as there was always one of us who liked the item. 
A full colourful guide comes in the box too so that you know what everything is. Some of the products sound bizarre and not really the sort of thing that we would choose to eat, but we were very surprised by the flavours. One of these was the sea urchin snacks which I read are popular in Japan. The whole “sea urchin” flavour is probably off putting to most British children and even adults but the flavour is far from fishy, it’s just like eating a regular pack of baked crisps here.

A similar story with the Impala mayonnaise snack. Japanese mayo is made with egg yolk too so again these don’t sound too appealing when you read it but they taste just like cheese puffs.

Therefore I think it is worth trying everything with these boxes no matter how strange or awful it sounds because it usually tastes surprisingly good and thousands of Japanese people eat this stuff daily.
Other items included chocolate and fruit type snacks, puffed snacks, crackers, and crisps. 

Even a bit of candy floss which my 4 year old loved, and this really does look like cotton wool.

I enjoyed the Paicro snack which is a croissant shape snack with almond flavour and the Pick Up are always very tasty. These being a cheese puff square snack with soy sauce.

And of course no snack box from Japan would be complete without one of their diy type kits. These seem to be very popular over there. It’s an easy kit with all you need to make sweets or a pudding. Not for me but Ryan enjoys making them. 

We have all really enjoyed the Dokidoki box and all the contents. I would highly recommend this box to those looking to sample Japanese snack boxes and is it really easy one of the best. 
Go to the Dokidoki boxie website for more information. 

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  1. January 11, 2017 / 11:20

    These snacks sound so interesting and the packaging looks fab!

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