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I am now the admin of the new European foodie pals exchange group. I joined the original group a few years back and was quite sad when it finished a few months back. Therefore I have taken it upon myself with a little help from my son to form a new group. 
The group operates from Facebook and you can join here. If your not familiar with the group then here is a brief explanatuon. 
1) First head to the Facebook group as above and view the *google doc post * this will ask you to send your name and email and any blog details to myself. You can also view the form at This link if you don’t want to join the Facebook group page.
2) your details will be added to a database and each month your name will be matched with two other people.
3) one person will send you a parcel, they will email you and ask details including your address, allergies, likes, dislikes etc.
4) The other person is the one you send a parcel to. You must email this person and ask address and foodie details.
5) You send a parcel of foodie snacks and goodies and can include non food gifts too by a certain date (TBC) and you also get a foodie box too.
Sounds good doesn’t it? And as long as everyone sticks to a few rules then it usually is. I just ask that everyone sends a parcel every month and obviously respects their matched pals likes and dislikes. There is no minimum spend but I do say a maximum of £15 not including postage. Postage is also down to the parcel sender.
If your wondering what to send, then think snack items or ingredients. Obviously no fresh meats, fish or anything that could go off in transit or leak. I am also including a non food gift option too but obviously keep it small.
If you want to get involved then visit us on FACEBOOK.


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