Making festive mocktails with new Princes refresher range!Β 

 We were asked to take part in a festive blogger challenged by Princes. Princes are the ones who make the familiar breakfast type of juice which come in many fruit varieties. They have recently bought out their new refesher fruit range. 
The refreshing flavours in Princes new Fruit Refreshers range contain no added sugar and are  perfect for any time of the day.
In six delicious flavours including Cranberry, Pineapple Coconut & Lime and Mango, as well as unique flavours, Pineapple, Peach & Passion Fruit and Orange, Lemon & Lime; there’s a fruit juice for every taste whether enjoyed with breakfast, lunch or as a non-alcoholic alternative with an evening meal.
Each flavour contains just 25 calories or less per 150ml serving, as well as no preservatives, making them ideal for adults and kids.
Our challenge was to simply create some mocktails over the festive period. Mocktails are cocktails without the alcohol and are great for kids, pregnant ladies or those who cannot have alcohol. The photograph above shows are Princes juices and a few extra ingredients in our received box. We were free to add our own extra ingredients too.
This is the citrus explosion made with Princes orange, lemon and lime refresher juice, still lemonade (the real lemon stuff, ice and real lemon juice with a slice of orange. Very easy and very zingy.

Also our festive surprise using a mixture of fruit – strawberry, banana, mango and mango refresher juice, a splash of milk too and all thrown into our smoothie maker. 

Finally the ginger zing which is a mixture of both mango and orange, lemon, lime refesher with ginger beer. Add lemon and lime juice and heated sugar around the rim of the glass and here it is. 

My kids enjoyed their mocktails and I was more than happy to leave them to drink as many as they wished whilst I stuck to the real thing.

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