Izebella and the Watabus

When I was a little girl, I longed for some sort of item with my name on it. Unfortunately for me, my name is unusual and also spelt in an unusual way so there was never anything with my name on. These days, thanks to the internet and more modern technology, we can buy almost anything with names on, no matter how unusual or rare the name may be. Izebella may be a popular name but the particular spelling is not. Years ago I would have struggled to find anything personal for either of my girls but it’s so much easier now.
A lovely personalised book came before Christmas for Izebella. The book is from Wat adventure. The books website allows the parent or sender to include any name, sex of child, personal message and create a character. This is Izebellas.

The story is about a trip to India and when creating the book; there is a choice of which animals to include. 
The child’s name appears on most of the books pages as well as the front cover. 

Izebella has not started reading yet but can recognize letters. The size and format of the text makes it easy to read and suitable for beginner readers. All the pages are full of colourful images.
The books cost 19.99 each and do make lovely gifts. Also Β£1.00 from every book purchase will be donated to the Rainbow trust who provide support to families who have a child with a life threatening illness.

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