The Entertainer: K'nex turbo jet set

If I had to choose a favourite toy store; without a doubt it would be The Entertainer. They have every toy out there and I can easily get the majority of my children’s want list from there. It’s even better now that a store has opened up in Bolton and I have probably been there 8 times or so in the past month alone. They always have lots of deals on and even a pocket money stand with toys for just a pound. The toy prices do seem lower than other toy stores too.
The lovely people at The Entertainer (knowing how much I love their store) offered to send my 3 children a toy each, so in a way it’s like Santa made an early call to our house this year.
First to toy test is my one and only son Ryan and he has been building with K’nex kits.
This is the sort of thing that Ryan loves and luckily he is pretty good at building and construction type toys. Personally I just don’t have the patience for them. 
This kit allows Ryan to build two models, although only one at a time meaning to make the other one you do have to take apart the first one.
There are 402 pieces so as you can imagine, many of them are tiny. It’s best to place a white sheet or board down before tipping the box out. This way you can easily see it all and noting gets lost in the carpet. 
The instructions come as images and diagrams rather than any txt. It’s a good idea to read the intro bit at the front of the guide as this gives explanations on how to understand the build better. It is time consuming but Ryan seems to enjoy it. These are the photographs what he took whilst constructing. Yes I left him to it! 

The green bit you see is the motor as once constructed it does move. This part requires batteries. Unfortunately half way through the jet, Ryan realised he made a mistake and put some parts on the wrong way. He did get a little upset as this meant taking it all apart and re starting. 

Anyway after about 2 hours in total, he finally got there and the finished jet looks like this. 

The other veichle to build is a heli plane. This does not come with paper instructions, instead there is a web link to download them. I don’t think Ryan is any rush just yet to take his beloved plane apart, so the heli plane will just have to wait. 
This K’nex set can be purchased from Entertainer stores and on the website for a very low price of just Β£18.75. The original price was Β£25 and still is in many other stores. It is suitable for children (and the big kids) ages 7 and over.

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