Vosene kids: New troll-tactic makeover 

Vosene kids products, which my girls use a lot have been going through a rather exciting makeover to tie in with the launch of the new Dreamworks Trolls movie. From now until February 2017, all kids products will feature the troll characters on the bottles.
This now makes them even more appealing to children. The products inside stay pretty much the same, with a selection of combination shampoos both 2 in 1 and 3 in 1, both of which contain head lice defence products to keep the bugs away. Then why my girls are finished washing they can use the conditioning defence spray for extra protection and detangling there long curly hair.
The new Trolls products are limited edition and on the back of each is a unique scratch off code . This code can be typed into the website (as per instructions on the product) and there is a chance to win one of 40000 mini troll dolls. And guess what? Yes we won one so now Izebella will be excited as Trolls seem to be her latest craze.
 Buy Vosene kids troll products from supermarkets, boots, Superdrug and other similar stores.

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