Aquabeads minnie mouse playse

This is our latest Aquabeads kit featuring images of the loveable Minnie mouse. This kit, like others comes with hundreds of small coloured and jewelled beads to create beaded figures. 

It comes with its own tough plastic case to store the beads in, Jordanna now has 2 bead cases but they really do come in handy as she has so many different coloured beads and it can be annoying if they become muddled up. 

There are 3 stencil cards, water spray, mouse gave bead stencil and some bows to add to the designs. 

Just like other Aquabead kits, the stencil card goes under the plastic lid and you follow the coloured design with matching beads.

If your reading this and have never tried Aquabeads before then I’ll be totally honest and tell you it’s far from easy, it can also be quite frustrating at times but kids will be proud of their completed designs. The beads are tiny and therefore awkward to pick up, you get a bead pen grabber with this kit but I find this useless. I will say, if you have long nails, or in my case – acrylic nails then you may find this much easier like I do. 

Although Aquabeads are aimed more towards older girls such as Jordanna (age 9), this did not stop little sister (age 4) wanting a go. This is the first time I let her try and she did a pretty good job too. She attempted the bow image and did this without any help at all.

And then it was my turn. This took me a while as the beads kept moving out of place. I left it overnight to dry out too. It is probably the largest one I have managed to successfully complete so far. 

You do need a steady hand and a fair bit of patience for aquabeads but it does get easier the more you practice.

The Minnie Mouse playset costs between Β£14-Β£20.


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