Fun with Esdevium games 

A few weeks ago we received some games from Esdevium, I also had the best pleasure of meeting Esdevium at the blogging conference back in September. 

The first game is Dory Dobble. There are many other different versions of the Dobble game but this one is focused around Dory characters.

Dobble is an easy game and there are a few ways you can play it. If your not familiar with Dory then it’s all about matching images on two cards. 

Each card contains several images, including Dory and friends and other things. The way we play is a little like any other cars game. We deal out one card each, turn the remaining card pile face up and then try to match one symbol on our cards with the top playing card. The one who matches first keeps that card and then a new card is revealed and the winner is the one with the most cards at the end.

The rules do sound a bit hard to follow and perhaps confusing but it is really easy to play. 

It comes in a small round metal tin so all the cards are kept together and not lost. It is so easy that even the very young ones can join in and it’s perfect for travelling too.
Our second game is Timeline. Again this comes in many different versions. We have the British history version and trust me, you can learn a lot from this game.

Timeline consists of lots of small highly decorative cards. One side of the card will have a moment in British history and the other side has the date.

A good way to play is by dealing 4 cards to each player, obviously this can be changed to suit with more or less cards. The cards need to be dealt date side down so the year is hidden.

One card from the pile is then turned over, date side up to reveal a moment in time. Players then play one card at a time and have to guess if their moment in history occurred before or after the card in play. If it’s guessed correctly their card stays but if wrong the card goes to the bottom of the pile and player chooses a new card. The winner being the player to correctly guess and place all their cards first.

Timeline may start easy but quickly becomes difficult as more cards and dates are placed down.

As it’s a guessing game it does mean that most ages can join in. Even Izebella who is still in nursery happily joins in. I just tell her what the historic event is and she will guess where it may go. The educational part of course is finding out when historic events actually happened.

Timeline also comes in a beautiful decorative tin so we never need to lose our cards.

Both of these games can be purchased from Amazon and most good toy stores. You can find out more about Esdevium games on their website.

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  1. November 7, 2016 / 14:03

    Ahh! We love the Dobble game. I love that it now features Dory & friends. So cute.
    That Timeline game looks fab. Educational and fun too x

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