Degustabox October reveal 

It’s that time again when the monthly Degustabox is opened and all the contents revealed. 

So here goes once again! All these items were included in Octobers Degustabox, not bad for just £12.99.

Starting at the top left corner with 1) Heinz – Pasta shapes and a smooth tomato sauce. My kids were quite excited about these and especially so my son who was more than happy to make it on his own. 
2) Beloved – heart shaped date bars. Unfortunately dates just aren’t my thing at all, nor is any dried fruit but of course they are healthy so may be worth a try.

3) Levi Roots – Smoky cooking sauce – I remember this guy appearing on Dragons den with his reggae sauce. I love his products, full of Caribbean flavour and spice. This coat and cook sauce is easy to use on chicken but incredibly spicy hot as it contains the hot scotch bonnet 
4) Souper – High protein soups in some rather strange flavours. The soups come in ready pour cartons which can be heated. I’m not a soup lover and these just did not get me excited. 

5) Yushoi – Are the snapea rice sticks. The name of them does not sound too appetising but they aren’t too bad at all

6) Jim jams – Milk chocolate spread. This was my favourite item of Octobers box (how could it not be!). It is delicious and contains less sugar than similar brands. It very smooth and there are little bubbles of chocolate inside the spread. Have it on toast or fruit or do what I do and just dip the spoon in.

7) Fusian – flavoured noodles full of spice and international flavour. I don’t normally eat instant noodles but these mixed with chicken make a lovely dish.

8) Hershey’s – The well known American chocolate brand which is now available over here. They do many types of bars like this but for me it just doesn’t taste as good as what we are used to. Needless to say I still ate it very quickly.

9) Brioche Pasquier – Choco barre. Brioche are a great favourite of ours at breakfast time with their selection of croissants and breakfast treats. The new Choco barre contains a chocolate bar inside the sweet roll. Pop them in the microwave and the chocolate melts and oozes from the inside, just delicious. 

And one more final product that I couldn’t fit on the picture above – 10) Robinsons – Squashd. This tiny bottle comes in very useful if you have thirsty kids who refuse to drink just water. The times when you have run out of juice or are out and about or visiting family who have no juice. It contains zero sugar and just a few drops in water gives the same taste as robinsons bottled juices.

I have enjoyed many products from this box and give it a 7 out of 10 score.

Degustabox monthly subscription information can be found on their webpage.

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