Charlie funny talkie parrot (IMC toys)

Charlie talkie parrot is part of the club petz funny  toy range at IMC toys. Club petz funny are soft cuddly toys with interactive features and come in an assortment of animals.

This is our Charlie talkie parrot which is much cheaper and less messy than buying the real thing.

Charlie comes with a plastic cage which even has the top hanging loop for carrying or hanging somewhere.

Now I have to be honest, getting the parrot out of the cage first time is a nightmare. There are hard plastic tags securing it to the bottom which are fixed on really tightly and it took me a while to snap them all off. 

The parrot itself is a good size to put on your hand, like you woujd for a real one. It even has an elastic strap underneath to hold it.

When the parrot first arrived it was on the “try me” mode. Underneath the parrot is the on switch which is required for the full interactive feature.

Just like an annoying real parrot, this one repeats what it hears (yes it swears too). Only it repeats in a more higher pitched tone, often a squawk. It also has a rather wicked laugh and its beak will move too. 

It repeats everything it hears, and unless you switch the off switch it carries on laughing and repeating, slightly changing the tone for each voice it picks up. If there is no noise it deactivates after a while and can be reactivated by pressing the tummy button.

Yes it’s lots of fun but can get a little annoying and it’s very high pitched for younger kids like Izebella. 

Charlie talkie parrot is available at many toy stores including Smyths and toys r us with prices between Β£16-Β£20. Other parrot versions are also available.

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