Kate & Mim-mim magic twirl plush

Kate & Mim-Mim is a popular kids tv show on CBeebies. It’s all about a little girl called Kate who has a stuffed bunny friend called Mim-mim and all the adventure that they have together.

Flair toys have recently introduced a rather cuddly Mim-mim bunny toy to the toy market. Izebella of course now has one.

This plush Mim-mim is very realistic compared to the actual character on the show, which can be seen in the first photo of this post. It’s a lovely bright purple shade just like the original and comes with removeable pilot type goggles too. All the markings are the same including the hand prints and it’s quite a good size too for a plush toy.

And yes it even sits unaided without falling over too.

Mim-mim plush is more than just a large sitting cute toy, and I would expect so too for the price of Β£29.99. 

 Mim-mim seems to respond to movement. A hug or press of its tummy and it will say 7 different phrases which are heard on the tv show. Then hold both the hands and twirl him round to hear his mimiloo chant –  ‘Kate & Mim-Mim me and you, let’s twirl away to Mimilioo’. You don’t need to twirl him to hear the chant, just holding both hands is enough but he is called magic twirl so I guess that’s the whole idea of it. 

The toy comes with batteries already installed. The battery box is inside Mim-mims back but it can be a pain to tuck it back inside once out. Also there is no off switch, or at least I can’t find one anyway so that does mean it can randomly go off if somethng is placed on it. 

This toy is fine for ages 3 and over. Izebella is a perfect age for a toy like this. I think it would okay for slightly younger children too, maybe 2 year olds. Izebella likes it of course but I feel it may be one of those toys that she easily loses interest in and it ends up at bottom of her bed with the rest of the soft toys,

The price is Β£29.99. Personally I would not pay that much for a toy such as this. However if a child is a huge Kate & Mim-mim fan then it may just be worth a buy. For me it is a little too over priced tho.

There are more toys based on the same tv show. The entire Kate & Min-Mim range can be purchased from Flair plc.

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