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This summer Marley Spoon is celebrating the (hopefully) sunny weather with a Global BBQ campaign, which launched last week. The campaign is running for five weeks and celebrates Marley Spoon’s chefs from across the world with one country’s BBQ recipes featured in the box each week. 
I have reviewed Marley spoon previously and found them a great way to try out new recipes and food and make meals that I would previously never attempt. It’s a subscription service and everything needed to make the chosen meals comes included in a box to your home. 

I agreed to take part in the BBQ campaign and was sent my own BBQ box to make two Summer style dishes. 

A large box arrived full of ingredients and recipe cards. My dishes this week were – Anglo-Indian Pork Burgers with Roasted Carrots & Raita and Honey & Mustard Chicken with Apple-Potato Salad & Warm Fennel. If someone had asked me if I could make these previously I would of laughed. They sound complicated but Marley Spoon makes them so easy.

Each of the two dishes ingredients are divided into two bags; and it’s almost American style being in brown paper bags. Each bag contains all the ingredients needed.

The recipe cards give step by step instructions on how to make the meals as well as an approximate time to how long it will take. 

This is our Mustard chicken with Apple – potato salad and warm fennel.

Me and my eldest daughter Jordanna enjoyed this dish, Jordanna was slightly bewildered as to why Apple was used in a savoury type dish, but she enjoyed it and especially so the mustard chicken.

This is our Anglo-Indian Pork Burgers with Roasted Carrots & Raita. Along with the recipe card.

Again another easy to make s very tasty dish. The burger, being made with pork mince rather than beef had a totally different flavour and the carrots; an unusual addition to a salad but it all worked well together.

It has been a lovely change to actually cook a nice meal from scratch using all fresh ingredients. 

Marley spoon delivers nationwide and meal portions start from £3.75 each.

All we need now is the Summer BBQ weather! 

Find out more at Marley Spoon

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