Bringing birds to my garden with Ivel Valley

I do think birds in a garden on a Summers day is a beautiful thing, as is a Robin on a winters mornng when the garden is full of snow. 

Birds are attracted to gardens where they can find food.  Therefore if you want birds in your garden then it’s important to provide the right type of bird food thus encouraging them to return again. 

Fancy expensive bird tables and feeders are not necessary, bird food can be placed on the ground and if you want a bird feeder then these can be purchased without breaking the bank.

 Ivel Valley have set out to make products that really work and thar have proper nutritious ingredients. The Ready Peck products have  5 key ingredients – nuts, suet, oats, seed and fruit or insects. This ensures a mixture of the essential nutritious ingredients for a bird’s well being and survival. As well these ingredients are those most readily enjoyed by the many species of birds that may visit. 

This is the Ready Peck container which contains 12.55kg of the ground and table mix bird food. The container is reusable and has an easy flap opening. It’s a big box but it’s fine to store outside.

This costs Β£17.50 and it can be scattered on the ground or placed in low feeders. I bought this small plant feeder for just Β£3.00 recently.

Suet pellets also seem popular with many bird species such as blue tits, coal tits, thrushes, starlings and robins. Each one contains a mixture of suet, oats, seeds and fruit. These again can be placed on the floor on in feeders. 

Finally the suet balls can go in ball feeders. These are large balls with 5 ingredients, including insects. You get 6 in a pack.

Since using the bird feeds, I have noticed a slight increase in the flying visitors. They are very quick and as soon as I try to go out and get a photograph; off they fly. The birds I havd spotted are quite small, like sparrows or a small tit breed. It doesn’t help much when the cat is out either and scares them away. The food however is certainly working to bring them in. 

Visit Ivel valley for more information.

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