Bug busting, hunting and Anthisan

If you have noticed some unusual critters in your gardens recently, then you are not alone. Research suggests that more than a third of Brits have become more aware of unusual bugs and insects which are not common in this country. 

We are in that third. I have spotted many unusual bugs this Summer amongst the usual bees and ladybirds, things which I have never seen before.

The reasons behind the increase in these extra bugs here include the changing weather and international travel with people bringing back tiny bugs from overseas.

There is a deep fear amongst more than a third of people, people are scared of being bit and stung. The most feared insects being wasps and hornets folllowed by spiders and mosquitos. Britain is already home to 30 species of annoying mosquitos which will bite humans and can carry disease such as malaria.

Bites and stings from insects can have deferent effects on people and can cause a multitude of reactions ranging from mild to severe. Skin rashes and swelling are common with extreme severe allergic reactions at the other end.

So how do we prevent bites and stings? – There are many things we can do, and already do to minimalise the risk. Many people stamp on bugs, throw them out of a window, pour water or washing up liquid over them and a few people will scream and run. However actual preventative measures include using an insect repellant, and going easy on perfumes and body sprays. Many insects also seem attracted to sugar, so eating sweets and having sweet drinks outside is probably best avoided too where possible.

For those who do get bit or stung there is a product called Anthisan. Anthisan Bite & Sting Cream is specifically formulated to prevent histamine from acting on the tissues and causing symptoms. It works to provide relief of skin irritation and has been used for over 50 years.  It costs just Β£3.65 and is well worth buying for holidays or just to have in the cupboard just in case. 

Ryan does not mind bugs and has been taking part in a blogger bug hunt campaign to see what he could find in our garden. To help him out we have this bug hunt kit.

The kit is purely intended to capture bugs and examine them for a while before letting them go again. So no bugs get hurt. Here is what he found within just 5 minutes.

There are two bugs in this jar. The Orange and black unusual one at the top and a very small spider at the bottom which is a bit hard to see. 

If you want to know which bugs are in your area then take a look at this bug hunt map below which was developed alongside leading expert Dr James Logan, and is supported by consumer survey data to identify bugs by each region. 

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