Oaxis Bento speaker 

We all love listening to music in our house. I often have music on whilst cleaning. I did away with the bulky hi fi system years ago and now rely on iPhone and iPod for music. I have various small speakers around the house and was recently sent this one from Oaxis.

The Bento speaker from Oaxis is known as a close contact speaker. It’s a pretty cool gadget as unlike many wireless speakers this one does not need pairing with devices or any wifi settings.

Instead of wires, pairing or settings, this clever gadget amplifies sound by simply placing the music device on top of it. 

Beneath the top surface the electromagnetic induction sensors capture unique magnetic waves as music is played on a phone/device.

On top of the speaker is a reception pad with a line marked. It is on the line that the phone or device is placed. It’s best to move the device around until the desired level of amplified sound is achieved. Different positions on the reception pad gives different sound levels. The music is played in every direction to create the 360 degree immersive omnidirectional audio.

The sound is really clear and it gets quite loud at times too so best not to have the music device on full. Songs with more bass may sound a little rattly if set too loud. Placing the device bang in the centre seems to give the loudest and best audio and it’s good to play around with the sound by moving device about.

The only wire that is needed for this speaker is the one that charges it. It’s a simple USB charge for a few hours, charge by laptop or use the iPhone wall plug. 

The speaker is very light and therefore extremely portable. I use it in many rooms. Any phone size device can be used with this and there is absolutely zero set up. It’s great for holidays too. 

It comes in 2 colour choices and they cost £49.00 each on Amazon. So ditch the heavy stereo and get one of these! 

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