Bratz remix music campaign

We just love Bratz in this house, so much so that we have been asked to take part in a fun campaign. 

It’s a music campaign and mainly for young Bratz doll owners to take part in. The campaign runs along the hashtag #tweetabeat. Jordanna was happy to take part and sent over a Bratz remix doll along with a question card about music. These are the questions which she was asked.

β€’What song makes you happy?
β€’What song makes you feel confident?

β€’What song makes you want to dance?

β€’What song makes you want to sing?

β€’What song reminds you of your favourite people? 

Jordanna is quite familiar with the Bratz remix dolls as she got one just before Valentine’s Day as part of another campaign.

These dolls are all about music and rocking it with style and each comes with headphones, toy iPod and fab outfits

This time Jordanna got Cloe who comes with headphones, brush and a mini toy iPod that (sometimes) fits in her hand, along with the question card.

Jordanna wrote some rather strange answers – she said that “all of me” makes her happy! It actually makes me sad. She loved One direction so they also get a mention here.

The campaign made Jordanna think about songs and music she likes and also how certain songs can make you feel a certain way. She does of course also love her latest Bratz addition. 

Find Bratz remix dolls in most toy stores and on Amazon RRP Β£12.99.

Find more about the campaign on Twitter. @Bratz_uk #tweetabeat.

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