Mr Frosty returns 

If you grew up as a child in the 80s then you will remember many amazing toys from that era. For me one of those toys was Mr Frosty, probably not really a toy as such but more a fun device for making ice treats for kids. Mr Frosty was on my Xmas list for years from being about 6 years old ,and guess what? I never got one! 

            “Until now that is”

Oh yes it may have taken 32 long years of waiting but thanks to the lovely people at flair toys. Unwrapping Mr Frosty made me feel like a big kid at Christmas even tho he’s actually for my kids rather than me. 

Mr Frosty has been around for decades, it was a very popular toy during the 1980s and I believe it was released again back in the late 90s or early 2000s with a bit of a make over. The 1980s Mr Frosty probably would not go down to well with parents today as it came with syrups full of sugar to make the flavoured ices. 

Old Frosty is back this year and in time for Summer, having yet another make over, but still strikingly similar to the original. 

Mr Frosty comes ready assembled along with other ice making accessories such as lolly and ice trays. No syrups are included and it’s up to you to provide own juice or flavourings. So you can have them as healthy as you choose (or not!)

To start making the ice with Mr Frosty we first need to make some ice shapes using the moulds. If tot have impatient kids like mine then it’s ok to also use pre made ice cubes too. The instructions recommend leaving the 

The instructions recommend leaving the ice a few minutes to make it easier to grind. Then place ice in Mr Frostys head. To crush it we had to firmly push the plunger down and turn the crank.  This is not easy with solid ice and takes a bit of pressure and tough arms to turn it. It also feels like it’s going to all break apart at some points. We did find leaving the ice a few minutes made it easier and stopping every so often and giving the remaining ice a shake.

It’s not the easiest thigh to use but it does work and when done it’s like a bowl of ice slush, bowls and spoons come provided. 

There is even an option to make flavoured ice lollies which are super easy and are done within 2/3 hours.

All prefect for the hot sunny weather.

There are of course easier and cheaper ways to make ice treats but Mr Frosty will appeal to children as it allows them to make their own and choose own flavours. And of course they can’t believe that this was around when I was younger. 

Mr Frosty Crunchy ice maker can be purchased in most good toy stores including Smyths for approximately £19.99. Visit Cool create club to find out more about Flairs creative products for kids.

TWITTER FRENZY – Join in the fun and win prizes on Wednesday May 11th, 5.30 to 6.30pm, Twitter using #IloveMrFrosty @UKMumstv and @CoolCreateClub


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